Erasing History

Stop trying to erase our American history! Removing or destroying these statues doesn’t solve any problems. The ignorance and stupidity is only ripping our country apart and fueling the fires of hatred. Have you noticed that the very people saying that they want racism to stop are the same ones throwing around racist remarks about […]

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I Don’t Care if You’re Offended!

In today’s society you have to measure your words carefully, especially if you are a straight, Caucasian conservative. Everything and anything you say can and probably will offend someone. If you agree with the transgender ban on the military then you are against the LGBT community. If you don’t agree then you are a crazy […]

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Black Lives Matter?

I’m not racist in any way but this group makes me furious! African-Americans have had to deal with racism for many years, I know, but it seems that the tables are turning. White people seem to be the focus of racists now. If Caucasian Americans were to create a group called white lives matter, could […]

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Truth in reporting?

So “transgender” seems to be all over the news lately. One of the latest headlines I’ve seen has me a bit confused. “Transgender man gives birth.” Wait… What??? Let’s get something clear right now, no man can ever give birth. It’s not physically possible. This individual may want to be a man or identify as […]

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Dear men,

Dear men, Women do not want pictures of your penis. We do not like opening a text message to find an unsolicited pic of your one eyed Willy. I know this is hard to believe but it’s the truth. I understand that you are proud of your little soldier but seriously, just stop. The”send nudes” […]

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Transgenders in the military

I know a lot of people are upset by the President’s decision to ban transgenders from the military but I actually agree with him on this one. Before you grab the pitchforks and run me out-of-town, just give me a chance to explain. I’m really not a narrow-minded person and I have absolutely no problems […]

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In my opinion…

In my opinion, this world has gone completely bat-shit crazy. It seems that the human race is in self destruct mode. I’ve never been the type to judge harshly or be overly critical but I’m so tired of the ridiculous crap I see on a daily basis. I’m writing this blog to express my opinions […]

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